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Google launched ‘Allo For Web’ Desktop Messaging Client and integrated Native Translation

by Felix Omondi
google allo

Mid this month, Google launched Allo For Web desktop messaging client to complement its mobile app for instant messaging Allo. The IM app was debuted on Android and iOS last year, and up to now, Google has not seemed aggressive in getting more users on board.

A tear down of the recent version of the app shows the release of a desktop version is now imminent. The latest app also backs up comments made by Google representative sometime in July this year when they said a browser port of Allo will be coming up in “a few more weeks” time.

How to use Allo For Web on your computer

This feature should already be available worldwide by now. To use it (it is just like WhatsApp for Web) go to Allo.Google.Com/web and open the mobile app on your phone – it must be the most recent version, so update if you are using an older version – and scan the QR code on your computer screen.

You will need to maintain internet connection on your phone to keep using Allo For Web; just like you do when using WhatsApp for Web. Additionally, if you have restricted Allo background activity, you will need to reactivate it to continue using the Allo desktop messaging client.

For those of us who spend more time on our computers than on our mobile phones, the desktop messaging client is a much-needed add on. The hustle of moving from computer to phone, phone to computer, and all over again throughout the day is just straining. Now we can continue our work while chatting at the same time.

Other interesting features that came in with the recent Allo update

Another tear down of the most recent version of the app this week, Allo build 17, reveals a built-in chat translate ability presumably powered by Google Translate. When you get a message from someone in a different language, just press and hold on that message to get an expanded app toolbar that now houses the translate option.

google allo

IMG CREDIT: Android Headlines

The translated message will be presented in the Google Assistant bubble and will also replace the original message. If you select it for a second by, by pressing and holding, the toolbar option will pop up again letting your translate it back to the original language in which it was texted to you.

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