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Google Launches Chromebox for Business Meetings

by Fahad Saleem

The Chromebox Google always prides itself for always being innovative and always coming up with new inventions to make your life all the more easier. Yet again, Google has lived up to its reputation by introducing a new hardware platform that will enable you set up and run your business meeting with ease. Dubbed the Chromebox, made for meetings; employees can now have an easier time setting up for a meeting by leveraging up on the Chrome OS and Google + Hangouts without the need for having to set up complex logistics involved in using other types of meeting technologies. You can get the ASUS version of this hardware from US Store for just $999 for one setup.

At one media event held in Mountain View by Google Campus, Caesar Sengupta – the VP of Product Management spoke about the eager and frustration people undergo in trying to set up for a meeting. He is quoted saying, “You need to find out the availability of the rooms, gather all the participants, and even tackle with the information to ensure that everybody gets the same information. With the aid go Chromebox, Google makes the process of meeting quite easy. You just need to plug in the device and get started quickly.”

The Chromebox features 4 USB ports, Core i7 processor, HDMI and DisplayPort ++, Dual Band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/b as well as Ethernet port. When you turn it on, you are met with a beautiful pops ups. It comes with an in-built microphone, HD Camera, a speaker unit and a remote control. Companies will be able to control all of their meeting rooms which is managed using a web-based console.

The Chromebox also features an in-build scheduler calendar that mentions out the dates for important meetings set-up on it. The attendees can get the idea when the meeting are scheduled or not.

When you are in the meeting session, the Chromebox provides a high definition audio connection. Anyone can the join in the meeting via the Google + Hangouts App and a Gmail ID. Chromebox is available for integration with maximum of 15 people in the meeting.

The process for the meeting is pretty straight forward and has no need for PINs and need to remember complicated URLs. Though you will need a reliable IT and cable support. You can get the Chromebox from ASUS in stores across US today. Google and HP are set to follow suite soon. It has partnered with Synnex and CDW to handle the desired distribution.

Google plans to make the device available soon in other countries such as France, Australia and Canada among others.

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