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Google launches Hire a new HR Recruitment Software to help businesses in recruitment

by Felix Omondi
google hire

At the beginning of this year, Google launched Google for Jobs. A program meant to help job seekers find the right job as quickly as running an online search on the search engine. Today, Google has launched a complementary product to Google for Jobs, the Google Hire. This program enables recruiters to find and trace candidates through their job application process easier.

Now HR managers can easily ‘Google’ for the next staff they want to fill a new opening in their organization. Google Hire enables HR managers to have a cohesive applicant tracking that is deeply integrated with G Suite. The platform makes it easier for the HR managers to communicate with the candidates, and track their progress through the interviewing process.

Perhaps the biggest missing piece between Google for Jobs and Google Hire is a tool to enable job posting from the later to the former. It would have been better for HR managers to post new job vacancies directly to Google for Jobs, where job seekers can easily find the jobs when they run a search.

However, it appears Google is not keen on taking that route, and instead, will partner with the already established online job boards. According to Google, Hire is supposed to help HR managers automate the task of tracking candidates through the interview process.

Hire, and G Suite are made to work well together so recruiting team members can focus on their top priorities instead of wasting time copy-pasting across tools, said Berit Johnson, Google Product Manager.

It is particularly interesting to see how Google is trying to merge its G Suite with Hire through the back-end service. It goes a long way in solving particular verticals challenges bedeviling many businesses.

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