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Google launches Squoosh, a new and advanced online Image Converter

by Felix Omondi

Devs at Google’s Chrome Developer Conference have given us a new product to look up to. Dubbed the Squoosh, it is an online image converter that also goes a long way to showcase the power of the Chrome browser.

You can upload images to Squoosh, convert them to whichever format you would like and then download it. I know what you’re thinking, ‘there are already hundreds of such sites that do exactly the same thing.’

Well, there are many sites that can convert your image to whichever format you would like, but Squoosh was not designed to be a competitor of these sites. Rather showcase just how powerful the new technologies have become, precisely the Chrome browser. But it doesn’t mean it works only on Chrome, it also works on Firefox, Opera, and Edge among other modern web browsers.

However, due to the fact it was developed by folks from Google, you would expect it is optimized for Chrome browser. The rest of the browsers are just adapting to it, but the richest experience is on Chrome. Squoosh supports various picture formats including JPG, WebP, Browser PNG, OptiPNG, and MozJPG.

The platform is also quite user-friendly, and you can make changes to parameters quite quickly by few clicks. You just need to click on the format selector and then pick the new format that you want.

You also have the option of resizing the image or reduce its palette independently of each selected format. There are some formats that support custom parameters that you can adjust. Below is a demo of Squoosh in action.

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