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Google Lens now available on iOS

by Felix Omondi
google lens

Google Lens first debut with the launch of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but after some few months, Google availed it to all Android phones.

Google Lens is primarily a visual search tool. You see something you would like more information on, you take out your smartphone, launch your app and snap a picture. The app will then run a search online about what is in the picture and return to you the best match information.

This app is particularly ideal for travelers in a new city or town. You don’t need a guide to take you around explaining to you what this or that is; if you got a reliable internet connection on your phone, then Google Lens will give you information about all the things you will be seeing.

Simply take a picture of something you don’t know, and let Google Lens tell you all about it. It doesn’t always work perfectly; sometimes the app has difficulty identifying precisely what’s in the picture you need information on.

Google Lens on iOS but only for users with Google Photos

Well, iPhone and iPad owners can now enjoy Google Lens just as much as their Android counterparts. However, you need to have the latest version of Google Photos installed on your iOS devices to be able to download Lens.

The app gives you more information from pictures taken of books, animals, plants, landmarks, and even work of arts. You can also get more information about a business card, flyer, or billboards. For the business cards, Google Lens can enable you to save a contact by simply pointing your camera at the card. It will also offer you more information about upcoming events and save it directly to your calendar.

Google Lens powered by AI

Google is promising users exciting times ahead while using Lens in addition to Google Photos. The company is working on improving artificial intelligence (AI) capability for the app. Thus making it even smarter and helping you to better visually interact with the real world through your smartphone.

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