Google Photos now enables you adjust bokeh blur and focal point in Portrait shots

google photos

Google Photos for iOS has received an update that brings along some pretty cool features such as Portrait mode bokeh editing and the ability to change the focal point of the blur. You also have the ability to leave the subject in the photo colored while everything else becomes black and white.

The news of these features was broken by Google Photos on Twitter. In the tweet, the company tells iOS users that they can now adjust bokeh background blur after taking the shot. They can also change the focus of the Portrait mode pictures.

To use these new features, launch the Google Photos app and set it to Portrait mode. Take the shot, and tap on the edit icon to spring up the editing menu. Tap on the icon again to edit the depth and focus. When moving the slider around as you edit, Google appears to be doing some processing of the image. The end result looks strikingly different from the original shot; though it is not always better than the original sometimes.

You should also take the new feature Color Pop for a spin. This feature enables you to keep the color on the main subject in the picture while desaturating everything else there to black and white. If you look at the Google Photos app on your phone and finds that the above-mentioned features are absent, it might be because Google has yet to avail the feature in your region. Google has a habit of announcing new features even before their official mass roll out.

If you don’t have Google Photos installed in your iOS device, you can install it right now from the App Store at this link.

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