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Google Play Desktop Music app now available in Windows Store for Windows 10 PCs

While on the go, headphones are the most convenient option to listen to music. However, it is not advisable you use it for long, especially when you don’t have to; like when you are seated in front of your laptop doing some work.

Listening to music over your laptop speakers is much healthier, but what if you have a richer and well-arranged playlist on your phone. Google Play Music is one of the top music apps people use to listen to music on their phones.

When you come to sitting down and getting some work on the PC (for those who like jamming to their favorite tunes while they work), you can only access Google Play Music via the web interface. It has no official desktop app, due to its web-app-first approach on Windows.

However, there are developers out there hell bent on bringing it as a desktop app on Windows. One of these developers has come up with the Google Play Music Desktop Player (GPMDP) as an alternative desktop app for Google Play Music.

GPMDP wraps up Google Play Music site into a single app that integrated into Windows and supports the native themes. It also has customization features like dark them support and minimization to the taskbar. You can also have the app launch automatically when you boot up your PC.

GPMDP also integrates into the Windows System enabling you to use the native media overlay to change the music without launching the app. If you subscribe to Google Play Music service, this app is all you will need when it comes to streaming your songs on a Windows PC. You can download the app at this link


Milicent Atieno

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