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Google Play Store is giving away Free Credits; get your now!

by Felix Omondi
google play store

Christmas is coming early on Google Play Store, and they just might have a gift for you right now. The festive season after all is here, and Google is throwing around goodies. The app store is giving away free Google credits.

To get these credits, you only need to launch the Google Play Store app on your Android device, scroll just a little bit down, and you will see a notification box, which states that you have earned a couple of free credits.

Simply click on the banner, and follow the instruction that will be given. You can then use the free credit given to buy yourself an app or game from Play Store. But if you scrolled down a bit but did not find the banner, worry not.

Simply go to your ‘Account section’ and select the rewards as well as finding your free credits, which might be hidden there. But in the event all the said options fail to give you free credits, it might just be, you are unlucky. And it’s not like the lucky ones are many, – if anything they are quite few. Most people who turn to Play Store for this freebie often come back empty handed.

Although it is being reported that folks that own the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL – which were recently launched by Google. Such users will be sure to find the free credits when they explore the free Google Search.

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