Google Play Store is now highlighting ‘Free App of the Week’

google play store

Android fans now have one less thing Apple fans can boast to them about. Just like Apple’s App Store, now Google Play has a ‘Free App of the Week’ section that highlights the best app users can download for free.

App Store has had that section for years, and it seems Google has now just decided to copy a script off the Cupertino Company’s script. The ‘Free App of the Week’ started last weekend, and the first app on the giveaway is Cartoon Network’s Card Wars – Adventure Time. You can download this game from Play Store for free from last weekend through to March 30th, when it will be replaced by another app on the new free giveaway section on Play Store.

The ‘Free App of the Week’ section on Play Store is only accessible to just a few countries including the United States. Users outside these countries get an error message when trying to access that section of the Play Store. If you live in countries where the service is live, you can access the section at this page on Google Play Store.

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