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Google prepping up to release a Pixelbook running Windows 10

by Felix Omondi
google pixelbook

Pixelbook is a sturdy, well-built, and beautiful hardware, but the fact that they run Chrome OS purely means it is just too limiting for most people. Yes, one might argue that the operating system has come a long way from running from purely online application to supporting many app on the offline mode. It also runs a number of Android apps, and as well as Linux apps.

The bottom line is when it comes to desktop computing, Windows rules. If you want to replace your laptop or desktop PC with something a little more portable. It will be hard to look for anything else that does not run Windows 10. This fact seems has dawned on Google, and if the rumors turn out to be true, the next Pixelbook release will come running Windows 10; not Chrome OS.

The rumors began early this year when Google made changes to the Pixelbook’s firmware to include a mode called AltOS. A feature that will allow users switch between Chrome OS and an ‘alternative OS.’ As it works out, users will be able to dual-boot from the Pixelbook.

The most likely candidate for that ‘alternative OS’ is Google new Fuchsia OS, or, it could be Windows 10. These are all speculations. Though insiders believe that Windows is the most likely candidate. They can authoritatively say so because of the Pixelbook firmware update in line with the hardware compatibility issues Microsoft picked up.

The modifications made were in reference to Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and the Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK). The latter is Microsoft’s test framework it uses to validate all types of drivers and firmware behaviors that will ensure the hardware is compatible with the Windows 10, while the WHCK is the same test for Windows 8.1.

The fact Google is working on fixing the HLK and WHCK on the Pixelbook indicates that Windows is the most likely candidate to run on next release of the device. Chances seem slim that it will be the new Fuchsia OS by Google, but then, only time will tell.

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