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Google release Family Link app for iOS Devices

April 14th, Google released iOS version of its Family Link app, an app tailored to meet parents’ needs to monitor their kids’ online activities. The app has been available on Play Store since last month when it was first launched.

The app enables a more hands-on parental control for parents over their kids’ smartphones or tablets. Giving them real-time information like the types of apps their kids download from the Play Store, and how much screen time they have had among other things.

The previous version was only restricted to Android, in the sense that parents could only monitor their kids’ activity on Android smartphones over their Android device. With the release of an iOS version of the app, now parents on iOS devices can also keep an eye on their kids’ activity on their Android devices.

To use the app, install and open the app and log in to your Google account in the app. From this platform, you can restrict the screen time you kid(s) will have with their smartphone; see their activities on web and apps. The app also enables you to lock the device for some time, block certain apps from download on Google Play.

The release of an iOS version of the app is seen as a move to entice parents in the USA to use Family Link app to monitor their kids. It is believed most users (parents) in that market use iOS devices more than Android.

Family Link app has been a request only app, where users request to join the beta program to use the app. With the release of an iOS version, one can only assume the app is no longer on developing stage.

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