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Google To Launch ‘Android M’ This Month: What To Expect

by Fahad Saleem

It is now confirmed that Google is going to launched its next flavor of Android in its annual I/O Developers Conference, which is going to take place by the end of this month. “Android M” is the teaser name of the upcoming Android version, whereas the complete explanation about what this ‘M’ means will be announced by Google; although speculations and suggestions from millions of Android fans around the world have started coming in.

‘Android at Work’ will be the central part of Google’s Android M. Google wants to capture the Enterprise to tackle the increasing influence of Apple, Microsoft, and other competitors. You could expect built-in productivity apps, Google Docs suite in Android M.

Google is also planning to give more control to its users in the Play Store. Currently, the app developers are in charge and they could set the app permissions, leaving no choice to the user but to give access to the app to his personal data, photos, messages. Google is now taking privacy very seriously and it will scale up the control and privacy during Android app install, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Expected Android M features could be overseen by looking at the sessions as rolled out by Google for its Google I/O conference. There is a separate session called ‘Interruptions”, which points out that Android M will have a complete new notification system.

Another session is named as ‘Voice Access’, which could mean that Android M will let users access apps using their Voice (something other than Google Now).

I spotted a pretty likely possibility regarding what ‘M’ means in the comments section of a forum. A user said that M means ‘Marshmallow’. This could be possible as Google has been naming its Android flavors after desserts, candies, sweets.


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