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Google’s New Travel App Shows Tourist Attractions, Directions, Food Places Offline

by Fahad Saleem

You are ready to go for a two weeks vacation, booked your flight, packed your bags, and are pretty confident that the maps app will be enough to give you locations and places to visit at the destination. But wait, what if there is no Wifi at the place? What if you end up riding the wrong bus or train? You cannot take 24/7 free Wifi all the time anywhere in the world. That’s why Google has launched a new app, Google Trips, which makes it super easy to plan your trip, documents, inquire about places to visit and directions, that too offline. Yes! Google Trips is designed to work offline. You can plan your trip with this app and it will guarantee that you don’t digress from your plans.

First, watch this quick video about the app:

Syncs with Gmail, Fetches Bookings and Plans

I just downloaded and installed the app. It is pretty powerful. It synced with my Gmail Inbox and fetched by flight booking and hotel reservations, slated for next week. This is the power of Google products. You can let the app plan everything for you. The app will remind you of flights, your booking, and shows you different stations where you will be landing.


Download Destination Data for Full Offline Support

As Google Trips is designed to work offline, it will allow you to download data for the destinations beforehand. For example, I am heading to Barcelona next week, so the app gave me an option to download the data for Barcelona. Once it’s downloaded, rest assured you won’t need internet at your destination. it shows you how to get around, food places, tourist attraction and everything you need to enjoy your visit.

The Magic Wand Feature

The best feature of Google Trips is the Magic Wand, using which you can quickly find out the must-see places near you. You are standing at a place full of people, having no idea what to do or what to see? Just use the magic wand feature of Google Trips and the app will make you a complete tip, showing you locations which are near you.

trip-4 trip-5

Get Everything at One Place

Pre-travel anxiety and stress could really exhaust you. It’s hard to gather all the documents, booking, flight details and records at one place. Google Trips manages all your trip data and details at one place. You can just open the app and see all your flight details, ticket numbers, bookings and hotel reservations.


Restaurant Recommendations

Here comes one of the most important feature: after sightseeing, you must try the local food. Google Trips shows you the best places to eat at your destination. You can also fetch recommendations from the internet and friends’ emails.

Google Trips fills a big void in the travel apps space. With a plethora of apps, people wanted something that could make things easy for them while they are roaming without an internet connection. Google Trips is rolling out for iPhone and Android. Check it out and let us know how it was.

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