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Google Wallet integrated into Gmail App allowing you to send/receive money on Gmail

by Felix Omondi
Gmail App

People in the United States can now send and receive money via the Gmail app. This development comes after Google has integrated the Google Wallet into the Gmail app, and the service is live starting today across the US.

Google Wallet had been integrated on the Gmail web since 2013, and it is only now that the feature is coming to Gmail app. So far it is only available on Android devices, but you can expect other platforms such as iOS and Windows to be not far off. Although Gmail app users can also send money to people, who do not have Gmail address.

How to send money via Gmail app

As it works out, sending money via the Gmail app is as easy as sending a file attachment. Just tap on the attachment icon (the paperclip looking one) and select either send or request money according to your need. A window will pop-up where you can now input the amount and add some note then hit Send button. All these processes will take place within the Gmail app.Gmail App

You do not need Gmail Wallet app installed on your phone to transact. The recipient can also configure the Gmail app money function to send money received directly to their bank account. Google does not charge any fee for these transactions.

It would appear Google’s primary objective (at least for now) is to disrupt the quick payment market made up of the likes of PayPal, Skrill, Square Cash, and Venmo. Google want to achieve that by enabling users to move money fast and conveniently from their Gmail app.

Whether or not people will be willing to ditch the traditional online money transfer services like PayPal for Gmail app remains to be seen. Admittedly the zero-charge offer by Google is very tempting.

Sending/Receiving Money via Gmail app is not exactly a novelty in the space

By no means is Google bringing a disruptive idea into the online money transfer options. Companies such as Snapchat, which offers Snapcash and Facebook, which offers money transfer services on Messenger, have already beaten it to the race. But like in any race, it is not always the one who gets a head start who finishes first, anything can happen.

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