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Google will remove Google Photos Tab on G-Drive come January

by Felix Omondi

Currently, there are at least two ways you can access your photos uploaded to the Google Photos from the Google Drive desktop website. You can use the Google Photos tab on the left panel of G-Drive or go to settings and have your photos revealed inside an appropriately named folder.

At the start of next year, Google will do away with the first option; remove the Google Photos tab on the left panel of Google Drive. With the popularity of Android phones as among the best camera phones, Google Photos has become a necessary application; both on our mobile and desktop.

google photos

The beauty of it all is that snaps taken on your Android smartphone automatically sync via the cloud to your desktop on the G-Drive desktop site. So doing away with it, is something a lot of users are going to notice. It is not some redundant feature that is there for the sake of it; people actually use the tab.

Though admittedly, the Google Photos tab can be said to have been half-baked. Unlike the full-fledged Google Photos desktop website, the tab did not have as rich editing features; though it did mimic design and layout. The bottom-line is, as a user, you don’t get the ability to organize your photos according to names and other categories. The Google Photos tab was only good for viewing your pictures with ease, while you are on the G-Drive site.

Google plans to kill this feature in January next year, and should you still want to access your pictures from the Google Drive desktop website, you must enable the special folder for it by going to Settings > General > Create a Google Photos folder.

Once you do that you will find all your uploaded Google Photo synced to that folder, same as on the mobile site and on the desktop site.

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