Google’s Jobs Search now available in Nigeria, South Africa, and Nigeria

In Kenya, job openings are among the most searched terms on Google. That is according to Charles Murito, the Google Kenya, country manager.

The essence of getting jobs is something that is critical across Africans. With Kenya’s high unemployment rate, this new job Search experience will help the millions of Kenyans searching for new opportunities,” said Murito.

News of Google for Jobs being unveiled in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa was first announced at the Google I/O last year. This feature does not actually list available jobs. Instead, it aggregates job openings listed from various platforms online.


In Kenya, the Google for Jobs feature is aggregating job openings from BrighterMonday and Fuzu. Google is also in talks with other eligible platforms in order to add more aggregated job openings to the platform.

How the service works

To access Google for Jobs service, all you need to do is go to the web or app and simply search for job listing. For instance, you can type ‘jobs in Kenya,’ and the search result will come in card style displaying various job opening from the various enlisted partners.

You can also cus

tomize the search result by filtering it according to the job category you are interested in; e.g., the job title, location, date posted, job listings from a particular company, etc. You can also bookmark this feature and turn on alerts for a specific type of job openings.

No Spam and cases of Fraud

Google, through its Trust and Safety team, says they will run background checks on the job listed to ensure you will not get just spams. The team uses Google Algorithms to help you not get spams filling your inbox.

The partners, BrighterMonday and Fuzu run intensive verification ensuring only genuine jobs gets listed. With Google’s Trust and Safety team, you will have a double layer of the sieve to stop fraudulent jobs listing getting to you.

“This new job Search experience is part of our broader commitment to improve economic opportunities for job seekers and employers through Google technologies in partnership with the broader employment industry. Google is committed to providing useful, accurate and relevant information based on your search queries and helping you connect to your next job. In this way we hope to make a contribution towards matching job seekers with jobs, thereby taking steps to tackle the skills gap,”

said Murito.
Milicent Atieno

Proud Kenyan Citizen, loving everything Tech related.

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