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Google’s New Self Programmable PC With Human Like Abilities To Be Launched Soon

by Fahad Saleem

Google’s New Self Programmable PC With Human Like Abilities  To Be Launched Soon

Neural networks have been en evolving field for many years in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. They carry tremendous ability to understand patterns and similar heuristics from the raw data. The amazing learning capabilities of neural networks bring us to an innovative machine today, which is self-programmable. This machine processes the tasks like computers and learns like humans do. It combines both these functionalities. It can actually program itself.

The revolutionary computer is under development by the Deepmind Technologies in London. It is an artificial intelligence firm acquired by Google earlier this year. Half of the computer architecture will comprise neural networks, which will enable the computer to invent programs for different situations it hasn’t experienced before. The experts at the firm believe that neural networks will enable the computer to think like humans for various unseen situations, while still carrying the processing powers of ordinary computers.

The mission of the DeepMind is to create a large external memory, which can be accessed in many different ways. This was realized by Mathematician Alan Turing as a basic part of the computer architecture. The innovative computer is now referred to as Neural Turing Machine (NTM). It would carry the ability to store and manipulate different pieces of data like a human mind.

The professionals of DeepMind also tested the idea on NTM by asking it to copy chunks of binary data it received as input. They compared its performance with a basic neural network. NTM was able to learn much faster and reproduced longer blocks with few errors. The results were also amazing for remembering and sorting the lists of data.  The team studied the behavior of the machine, and they found that it is programming itself as if a human mind would do.

In short, NTM is an amazing computer, which could manipulate the data like a human mind for unforeseen circumstances.

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