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Google’s Report Shows Diversity and Gender Problem in Workforce

by Maya Johnson

Google’s Report Shows Diversity and Gender Problem in Workforce

Google recently made a diversity report for the company, which showed that only 30% of Google’s staff are female.

A website called The Guardian posted an article, featuring statements from members of the Google team. To start off, the company’s workforce is as follows: 61% white people. 30% Asians. 3% Hispanics. 2% black people.

“Google is not where we want to be when it comes to diversity,” says Laszlo Bock, senior vice president of people operations at Google. “It’s hard to address these kinds of challenges if you’re not prepared to discuss them openly, and with the facts.”

Google’s gender split gets more out of line when only 21% of leadership positions is held by women, while only 17% of technology jobs are held by women. However, Google is not the only company that faces this dilemma. The Guardian says that Amazon has only 18 female senior managers out of 120.

In many other industries for the past 10 years, the number of female chief technology officers has remained at a static 14%, as stated by a report by research firm Gartner. Industries have tried to hire equal numbers of men and women, but the problem is they will lose some of the women within a few years because of the company’s less qualified men being promoted above the women who have more skills and do their work.

Google and other companies are putting forth the effort to aid STEM program diversity in education. There are organizations across the globe, including UK who are actively encouraging girls to enter the STEM education. While that’s going on, the government is working to remove barriers to women in science and technology.

To read more on this story, go to The Guardian.

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