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Grab Taxi- a Useful Taxi Booking App

by Fahad Saleem

 Grab Taxi- a Useful Taxi Booking App

Getting a taxi is somewhat of a challenge in overcrowded areas like Southeast Asia especially those offering a fair price and full safety. In a taxi, there may be many risks as it has been recently reported about the increasing crime rate in Southeast Asia related to taxis and cabs . In order to make the taxi services more streamlined, there is an new amazing app called Grab Taxi which can resolve all the problems in just a tap and offer you a safer and reliable journey. Bearing the problems of the passengers in mind, GrabTaxi has come with a recipe and it has all the steps necessarily required by the passengers while hiring a taxi. Sometimes there has been reported cases of some dangerous Taxi drivers. Especially when it comes to women’s safety, it is risky but the company ensures it will provide a full safe journey for all its customers.

grab taxi 4

Besides the security issue, there are many other things that differentiate it from other taxi booking apps. It shows a unique entity as compared to other car-for-hire services. Grab Taxi works with the existing taxi ecosystem. It operates in the following countries: Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. In addition to this fares on Grab Taxi are a lot more reasonable.

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Grab Taxi is a very responsible service, in the event the passenger comes across a taxi driver who is not dutiful and is slacking off on the job, the passenger can easily submit a complaint against that particular taxi driver and the company will suspend the taxi drivers who get complaints filed against them. This discourages drivers from acting in ways which compromise the comfort and security of their passengers, since if such a complaint is filed against them by the passenger, the given driver could find himself unemployed. This app also has a strong emphasis on having only drivers who have been rated and passed by customers on this platform. This only serves to improve the passengers’ safety. Another great feature that ensures security is the “Share your Ride” function, which literally lets you share your journey through social media and other messaging apps with your family and friends. Through Grab Taxi, users can also trace the taxi driver’s location while their loved ones trace them on the taxi using the same app. The contact numbers of the taxi driver is also given in the app, so that you can call them any time. This app works for Windows, iOS and Android, to download it follow this link.

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