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Great Free Apps For Better Back To School Experience

by Felix Omondi
Great Free Apps For Better Back To School Experience

As we bid farewell to August and usher in September, some of us must be prepping ourselves for the back to school experience. Innov8tiv is going to share with you a list of great and at the same time free apps that will make school less boring, less expensive and more educational.

We have listed a short list of great apps that if used correctly will save you time, money and help you in your studies. These apps are as follows:

BookBargain: If you are going to buy new textbooks for your new semester, then we don’t have to tell you, you are going to spend a lot of buying the given textbooks. However, we can tell you of this great app that will track down the best deals on books and e-books from all the popular stores across various countries. You can then select a store selling the books or e-books you require for your studies at the cheapest price. This app will also notify you whenever there’s a price drop, thus enabling you to buy at the lowest possible price. The app is available on both Android and iOS. College life can be difficult especially when you are trying to meet all the expenses with little funds coming your way. To help you with your personal finance planning, this app will help you stick to a budget during the semester thus avoiding finding yourself having “Blown Money Fast,” than your cash inflow can sustain. Mint will help you set a budget, monitor your accounts and expenses in real time and get notifications whenever you are nearing going over your set budget. (Android and iOS).

RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner: When you walk into a store and find an excellent textbook, education material or any other product you might want to buy but can’t afford. This app will enable you scan the product’s barcode, and it will scan nearby stores and give you the different prices of the products at the neighboring shops. You can then compare the prices, and go to the store selling the product at the cheapest price. Thus, saving money. (Android and iOS).

Groupon: This app allows you to find the best deals on where to eat and where to buy stuff in and around your city. It will enable you to save on the amount of money you spend on dates, eat-outs, expenditure on stationery among other student expenses. (Android and iOS).

Wi-Fi Finder: Being on mobile data plan sucks because it can be not only expensive but also chances of you maxing out your data plan are very high. This app allows you to locate free Wi-Fi hotspots within your immediate environment, and it can even tell you how to reach the spot. (Android and iOS).

Opera Max: Worst case scenario, you cannot find or access the free Wi-Fi hotspots spoken about above, and you are stuck with your mobile data plan as your only option. Opera Max will allow you to extend the use of your data plan by as much as 50%. The app works by giving you control on which apps on your phone to allow use mobile data, as well as making those apps you enable to use mobile data use less of the data. (Android and iOS).

All Recipes: Going out to eat or ordering takeout foods is not only bad for your pocket, but also for your health. Chances are high you will mostly be eating junk food. However, if you decide to cook in your kitchen, overall you will spend less and eat healthier. Before you start complaining, that you cannot cook, the best you can do is boil water. Try out this app that gives you easy, do-it-yourself steps to making great dishes and an incredible list of different recipes.

The above are just some of the many apps that will help you go back to school with ease. If you have more ideas on data or money-saving apps, feel free to share it with us, and we will make sure more students get to hear about them.

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