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This Great Free Tool Helps You in Creating Best Viral Headlines

by Fahad Saleem

Our Facebook timelines are inundated with headlines like “This Guy was passing through forest, what happened next will scare the sh*t out of you” or “Here are the most haunted houses in the world”…… You might get surprised to know that content marketing agencies and brands spend lots of time in crafting click-worthy headlines. They want to fill their headlines with suspense, creativity and passion which you force the read to click the article. Why? Because Google pays the websites based on ads impressions and product sales. There are several viral headlines generators online, but trust me, when it comes to creativity, no automatic generator could do the task.

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A new online tool called Hemingway designed and made by famous marketing firm Sharethrough promises to help you write viral headlines. It analyzes your headlines and suggest improvements in it. It is a unique tool of its kind. It has the ability to analyze the content and headline and tell you which headline would drive more clicks.

But there is more than just getting clicks on headlines.

Hemingway tells you to make headlines which will increase the “clickthrough rate” Clickthrough rate is the actual clicks on ads. It’s about sales. Big brands and companies don’t care how many people saw the ad. They want them to click the ads, purchase or at least consider their products.

The future of viral headlines lies in giving value and respect to the reader. You don’t want to use dirty and useless tricks to get clicks. You will want to make an everlasting impression on the user’s mind.

Hemingway analyzes your headlines by telling you to add more alert words, decrease positive news (as negative news sells!), tweak the length of the headline, add more information about content and other useful things.

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It sees the “context” of your article and scores your headline. It offers recommendations like adding a picture, GIF, celebrity images or joke in the post.

Making viral headlines is the soul of the modern content marketing domain. You can get your creative juices flowing using the tools like Hemingway.

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