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Great Smartphone Application for Students for Essay Writing and Editing

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Text editors are now in demand not only on computers or laptops. Users increasingly prefer to work with text on their mobile devices with touch controls. And it’s really convenient because you can lie on the couch or go on business, editing a specific document.

However, there are still people who have not mastered the principle of writing texts and especially various academic papers not only on the phone but also on the computer, if you are among them, then take care of your nerves and write to professionals “write my college essay for me”. If you have already reached the ability to write an essay on the phone, then our selection of the best services for editing and writing will be very useful for you.

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the best text editors on cell phones now. The application effectively joins top-notch quality, mindful interface with agreeable touch controls. Word will be an incredible app for review and making a variety of archives, just as for their fast editing. Since records can be stored in the cloud, you can get to them whenever. Different tables, outlines, equations, footers and substantially more will be readily available.  A convenient main page and easy navigation make it simple for even a beginner to get settled. It is also worth noting well-thought-out formats for a variety of tasks.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a decent instrument for editing content and storing documents on Android. Photographs, archives, and recordings of any formats can be downloaded here for dependable and safe stockpiling. Simultaneously, it is allowed to open all downloaded records from totally various gadgets. The user will have the option to open access to specific organizers and records with the goal that others can remark on them, see and edit them. If you need to find a file, it is easy to do by entering a name, or by registering the contents. It is noteworthy that working with files is conceivable even without an Internet connection, offline. There is also one extremely helpful option for scanning printed documents utilizing the gadget’s built-in camera.

3. Simplenote

Simplenote is a helpful application for making and sparing plans, notes and basic records. Gotten records are immediately synchronized, and this applies to all gadgets. The application is characterized by high efficiency and speed. Simply open Simplenote to in a flash record thoughts and musings that have virtually appeared in your mind. The most significant sections can be noted utilizing unique labels, or a simple pin denoting the highest priority on the list. That is how it turns out not to get confused in an immense number of a wide range of notes.

4. QuickEdit Text Editor

QuickEdit Text Editor is a solid and quick word editor with a genuinely huge number of content editing capacities and editing tools. The program is flawlessly optimized for cell phones on Android.

Sum up

Editing text requires not only flawless grammar skills but also a flawless text editor. Writing an essay on the phone is easy and difficult at the same time, and 90% of success depends on the app. So that the editing process takes a minimum of time, and writing is fun, it is worthwhile to initially study the features of dozens of text editors and choose the best one for yourself, we hope from our selection.


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