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Green Machine – EB5 Investments With the Fastest Payoff


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If you want a green card for your family and some money coming in whenever you get into the United States, then you need to make an EB5 Investment. EB5 Investments have a simple set of rules that you need to follow.

You need to invest 1.8 million dollars inside of a new business, or 900,000 dollars if the business is inside of a targeted employment area, and that business needs to create 10 full-time jobs for U.S citizens.

You also need to work at the business in some capacity, and once all those parameters are fulfilled you will get a green card. You will also get a green card for your family as well, and can then go on the fast track to becoming a citizen.

But if you want your green card to come faster and want to start making money with your business rather than investing into it, then you need to make some EB5 investments that have a fast payoff.

Here are some businesses and fields to look into if you want to turn your investments into green machines!

Invest In The Correct Fields

As you start looking around for things to invest in, you want to look for two different categories of investments because these often have a fast track. The first category is projects in the national interest. These are projects that will provide a needed benefit to the United States and are projects that the US desperately needs more of.

Investing in a project in the national interest will net you expedited approval by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which gives you around two to six months of processing time, which is one of the fastest processing times available.

Additionally, investing in rural projects or projects in Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) doesn’t only mean that you are only having to invest 900,000 dollars, but you will also get faster processing as well. Investment projects for rural locations have 20% of the EB5 visas set aside and receive premium processing that can take a year or less at the EB5 Affiliate Network.

Otherwise, the standard processing of the forms you need can take 4-5 years, and you might have even more wait time if you are in a country that is backlogged. Since you probably don’t want to wait that long for your green card or for your EB5 investment to get going, you need to ensure that you are doing everything possible to make sure that you start moving fast.

Look For High Reward Investments

It never hurts to do your research and figure out what the United States needs. Additionally, take a look at where you will be living and what that city or state is known for. By doing a bit of research you can look and see what investments are going to not only work but investments that are also needed.

For example, one city might be the capital of science and technology in the state, so investing in additional science centers or labs is a good idea. Other states might have an influx of people looking for a specific job in a specific field, and you could invest in something that is going to hire a lot of people very quickly.

Look For An EB5 Regional Center

EB5 Regional centers are places where economic growth is promoted, and they are designed for people to invest in the United States economy quickly. There are several EB5 regional centers around the United States, and if you go through one you will find a quicker startup time for your investment business.

You should be looking for the fastest ways to complete the paperwork you need and get started with your investment. The faster that you can meet the criteria for the EB5 investment, the faster you can get a green card, and the faster you can not only become a US citizen but also get into the US and potentially even have some money coming in from your business.

So don’t be afraid to do your research and do everything possible to make money and move fast on this, because it will only pay off in the long run.

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