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Groundbreaking Study Proves Marijuana Can Work as an Aphrodisiac

by Fahad Saleem

There are tons of fake and harmful pills and products that are sold and marketed with claims that they increase sex drive and make you good in the bedroom. But hardly anything works except the tried and tested medicines. But every medicine has its side effects. That’s why you should always prefer natural and herbal solutions. A new study published in Pharmacological Research journal proves that marijuana can work as aphrodisiac, if taken in small amounts.

The study tested marijuana effects on human subjects that volunteered in the trials. The results showed that people who smoked small amounts of marijuana before sex reported “aphrodisiac effects” and increased levels of pleasure and satisfaction. The percentage of the success rate was as high as 70%.  Cannabis plants are used by people for curing mental and sexual illnesses for thousands of years. But their use in illegal in most parts of the world today. Several studies in the past and real life experiences have proved how useful weed or marijuana can be in increasing sex drive, but further scientific studies and inquiry isn’t being made in this field due to the social stigma and legal status attached with these drugs.

A similar study was done back in 1970 by Stony Brook University professor Erich Goode. Goode’s study had also concluded that frequent, but not heavy, ingestion of marijuana elevates sex drive and pleasure intensity. The study had reported 50% success rate of marijuana increasing sex drive in human subjects of the study.

Marijuana has high amounts of TCA content which acts as anti-depressant and release dopamine in your brain, resulting in positive feelings and relaxation. Marijuana directly affects your psychological, neurological, and endocrinological systems. The molecules present in marijuana cling themselves to cannabinoid receptors in brain. These brain receptors, when invoked, can cause increased hormonal activity which influences sex drives.

Similarly, in 1983, The Journal of Sex Research published a study in which a majority of people who smoked weed or marijuana reported increased sexual feeling and pleasure in bed. However, there are various variables here. Scientists believe that the amount and frequency of weed usage define the results. For example, in one study, smoking over 50 joints in six months resulted in a notable increase in sex drive, while smoking less than one joint in a week can cause a dramatic decline in sex drive. As a general rule here, “less is more”. If you want to increase sex drive using marijuana, do not smoke this drug in excessive amounts, otherwise things will get worse and harmful.

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