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Guide to Understanding the Possibilities of a Proxy Provider


Before you begin to understand the valuable possibilities of a residential Proxy, it is important to know what a proxy is, as many of you may not already know. A proxy server is a technology that lives between your computer/device and the internet, with the role of determining whether the website or content you are trying to reach online allows you to access it, then grants or denies you the ability to view it. More about the different types of proxies you can find at Smartproxy.

ZenRows is a powerful web scraping API that becomes the middleman between the developer and any webpage through its smart premium proxy pool, which will help you avoid being blocked.

IP Addresses

A website might have many reasons to block your access to its content and it can determine whether you are able to do so depending on your IP address. Your IP address is a sequence that is personal to your device and allows your activity and location to be tracked while you are online. When you view a website or access content online, your IP is logged and added to an unending list of your previous searches, this allows search engines, marketers and websites to assess your history and evaluate your personal preferences when online to target you for content. Many people may not be bothered by this, but for those that value their privacy when searching the internet might have the desire to prevent this information from being accessed or traced back to them, as an IP address can link back to your country and even your street address, so it can be desirable to hide your IP for a multitude of reasons.

Proxies are Here to Help

Not to worry, if you are wanting to avoid this then a proxy provider can help you do just that. A proxy provider can alter the way that servers work and so change the outcome. Your device will send the request for access to your proxy providers server and they use rotating IP addresses to ensure that your activity is under a different IP or under multiple to prevent your activity being logged under your location or even as the same person. 

Hiding your IP

As I said before, some people may not be bothered with their online activity being readily available, but for others it might. The proxy prevents the website from logging your IP when you visit and so does not log your continued activity together, preventing them storing continuous data on you, but instead will log the proxy servers IP, making you practically anonymous online.

Along with helping you to keep your activity private, hiding your IP can also have security advantages as it limits the opportunities of hackers gaining access to your personal information (such as address) through your IP, especially if you are using a public internet connection.

Accessing Blocked Content

Some websites set geographical restrictions on their content, Netflix is most well known for this as their variety of shows and films differ depending on which country you are in. with a proxy, you can hide your IP and therefore you will be granted access to geo-blocked content in your country. Websites cannot stop you from accessing their content as your IP address is not visible.

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