Hackers Duping People Using Fake Blue Screen Of Death on KickAss Torrents

Hackers Duping People Using Fake Blue Screen Of Death on KickAss Torrents

KickAss Torrent is currently the busiest pirate website on the Internet. Stats show on a typical day, the site gets 332 million visitors. A recent security risk development recorded on the site is duping visitors using a pop-up message that mimics the Blue Screen of Death associated with Windows PCs.

Then users are given the option to eliminate the security risk by typing their personal information to get ‘technical support.’ However, like most adware, this is an information harvesting gimmick by hackers, who dupe users into giving them their contact information with the intention of stealing your personal information, or causing other types of online malice.

It is also amazing that visitors visiting the site from a Mac Computer and iPhones are also being shown the fake, Blue Screen of Death. Despite the fact that this screen is something that can only happen to Windows devices.

The fake Blue Screen of Death gives users a warning that their credit card number, pictures, and contacts, among other sensitive information, have been compromised. This strategy is typical of remote access hackers, who often are attempting to infiltrate user’s local system by tricking them to download a malicious file. They could also be trying to steal your account passwords or even locking you out of your accounts and demand a ransom to let you back in; ransomware.

KickAss Torrents users are therefore advised to browse carefully while on the website. They should also not give their contact information or download any suspicious files.


As to whether it is legal or illegal to download files from torrents sharing websites, that is a subject for debate at a more appropriate forum like the copyright and anti-piracy forums. This article is purely meant to warn users on the file sharing platform (KickAss Torrents) that there exists a security risks lurking at the website.

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