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Handover Xposed Module Lets You Operate What’s On Smartphone’s Screen From PC/Mac

by Felix Omondi
Handover Xposed Module Lets You Operate What's On Your Smartphone Screen From Your PC/Mac

You are there busy working on something on your PC or Mac, and then a WhatsApp message pings on your phone. You have to put a pin on what you’re doing on your PC and fetch for your phone somewhere inside your trouser pocket or in your purse. The message is from that favorite chat of yours, and you immediately know this is going to be a long chat; back and forth.

So you do what any logical person thinking of multitasking would do, put your smartphone on your desk right beside your keyboard. That way you will be changing from your PC to your smartphone as the messages come running through.

However, it seems exhausting; having to switch from your PC to your smartphone now and then. If you could only find a way to reply to all your messages on all platforms directly from your PC, wouldn’t that be more convenient?

Here’s where Handover Xposed Module comes to the rescue. Sure, Pushbullet app allows you to move things like text and links from one device to the other; but most apps of this kind still first require action on the original device. However, Handover Xposed Module enables you to do the same without ever touching your phone.

How Handover Xposed Module works

Install the app on your phone and your PC or Mac. Then, by simply clicking a link on your computer taskbar, you can control your phone right from your PC or Mac. Whatever will be on display on your Android phone will show up automatically on a new tab on your browser. For more details watch the video below.

However, this app currently only works with Chrome, YouTube, and any mobile apps that support Webview (Flipboard, Amazon and in-app browsers like Twitter and Facebook).

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