Harvard Revokes Admission of 10 Students Over Sexy, Offensive Memes

Imagine getting admission into Harvard and then losing it overnight just because of a silly Facebook post. Dreadful, right? This happened to at least 10 students on Monday after they got admission suspension notification from Harvard. The university cited inappropriate Facebook posts as a reason for this decision. According to a report, the students were involved in Facebook posts related to pedophilia, child abuse, sexual assault, and the Holocaust. One student even suggested hanging Mexican students as a fun activity, known as “piñata time”.

Harvard Revokes Admission of 10 Students Over Sexy Memes

The students were the prospective members of the Class of 2021.

The suspended prospective students traded sexually explicit memes and messages on various Facebook groups.

According to TheCrimson, which cited two incoming freshmen, the Facebook’s group name where some of the sexual content was exchanged is called “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens”. The source said that they got some screenshots of the content exchanged between the students. It even included photos of children being sexually abused and some photos of the Holocaust.

The Harvard University Chat group in question was made in December, when several students of the Class of 2021 found each other through social media and decide to make a group. According to a freshman from the Class of 2021, Jessica Zhang, someone posted on the Class of 2021 Facebook group in December that they wanted to make a group for people who “liked memes”. That’s when the group was formed.

The students didn’t deny the posts. However, they complain that just because they got into Harvard doesn’t mean that they can’t have “fun”.

This even shows the massive penetration of the effects of social media on our lives. Anything you post, like, comment on depicts your personality and even your subconscious.

These students will regret the posts for the rest of their lives.


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