Hellofood, an anthology of world flavors more than 150 partner restaurants across Abidjan in 2 years

Hellofood, an anthology of world flavors more than 150 partner restaurants across Abidjan in 2 years

Hellofood, the leading online marketplace for meals ordering, is transforming the eating habits of people in Abidjan. The platform, which started with only a couple of restaurants, has successfully managed to overcome skepticism. It secured in just two years, partnerships with more than 150 food outlets among the finest. These ties confer hellofood an exceptional and unparalleled culinary diversity, accessible in a few clicks, in a city with more than 4 million inhabitants.

To celebrate the diversity of its offer, hellofood launched a few days ago a massive outdoor campaign in Abidjan around the message: “My favorite restaurant is on hellofood, what about yours?”. The company is not shy of its success; it dominates an industry in line with the rapid penetration of Internet and the progressive adoption of electronic commerce. But more importantly, hellofood aims to advertise a new way of eating at one’s favorite place.

In fact, today in Abidjan, hellofood, can proclaim itself as the food delivery service, offering the most comprehensive and virtually unlimited menu. Through its mobile application and website, hellofood take every day, visitors into a gastronomic tour around the world. Restaurants, cafés, bistros, fast foods, bakeries, ice-cream parlors and tea-rooms, etc. every delight the city has to offer is on hellofood. The platform offers no less than 126 restaurants to order African cuisine, 22 restaurants serving Asian dishes, 81 establishments with a European menu, 33 with an American menu, 43 offering pizza, the most ordered dish in Côte d’Ivoire last year on hellofood.

About Hellofood

Hellofood is the leading online food ordering and delivery platform in Africa. The company enables restaurants to become visible in the online and mobile world and provides them with a constantly evolving online technology. For consumers, hellofood offers the convenience to order food online and the widest gastronomic range, from which they can choose their favorite meal on the web or via the app. Hellofood operates in Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Algeria.

About Africa Internet Group

Africa Internet Group, the leading internet platform in Africa, promotes sustainable online growth that benefits both businesses and consumers. Firmly rooted in Africa’s startup ecosystem, the group provides easy-to-use services and smart solutions across the African internet sector. AIG is invested in furthering regional entrepreneurship and innovation through a passion for Africa, its culture and its people. AIG is the parent group of ten successful and fast-growing companies in more than 30 African countries. Its network of companies includes Carmudi, Easy Taxi, Everjobs, hellofood, Jovago, Jumia, Kaymu, Lamudi, Vendito and Zando.

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