Here are Co-Creation Hub’s Incubation Program 2018 nominees

Co-Creation Hub’s Incubation Program

Call for application to the Co-Creation Hub’s Incubation program 2018 began on January 30th this year. CcHub was looking for committed and ambitious teams with innovative tech solutions with demonstrated traction, revenue inflow, addresses a pressing socio-economic need and is scalable.

Well, the call for application is said to have received over 500 applications from across the African continent. After a selection process, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the VP of CcHub announced the four startups selected for the incubation program. They are as follows:

Doctoora: a medical infrastructure or full-stacked clinic where qualified healthcare givers who lack access to fully serviced medical facilities can rent on a pay-per-use basis. This startup has three such fully-equipped clinics across Lagos, with a combined 430 clinical hours per week.

E-Estates: a mobile app designed to improve living experience for residents within gated communities. The app enables the residents to conveniently coordinate their affairs and have a platform for overall interaction and communication with other residents. The app includes features like emergency services, guest management, handyman services, and real-time vending for electricity bills.

Identity Tech: A customer experience management system that runs in the cloud that gives users the ability to manage visitors, queues, run a survey, and get biometric solutions to staff attendance management. All these are done digitally, thereby eliminating the need for pen and paper making it possible for users to analyze data in real-time and for over an extended period.

Track Your Build: a data management, GIS, and mapping company that gives clients information they need during the construction of new assets and also extend the lifespan and usefulness of existing ones. They use drones, satellites, cloud computing and analytics for smart infrastructure management. The company engagement policy is hands-on and on-site support for their clients.

The aforementioned startups will each get $25,000 funding, a free workspace, a $15,000 AWS credit and access to a network of potential business partners, creditors, investors, HR management support, mentorship, product development advisory, access to corporate partners and industry experts. There will also be possible follow up of $250,000 from Growth Capital.

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