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Here’s Why You Should Buy Google Pixel 2 Instead of new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S8

by Fahad Saleem

Google Pixel 2 is out and it’s time to decide whether the phone is worth your $850 or not. If you are not able to decide whether to go for Google Pixel 2, Apple iPhone 8, iPhone X and other new phones, this post will help you in making a rational decision. Here is why you should buy Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.

Should I Buy Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL? 6 Reasons to Buy

Hands-On With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the forte of Google and no other company could make its phones better equipped with AI than Google. Google Smart Assistant in Pixel 2 has no match. The assistant is now loaded with a feature called Active Edge. Active Edge lets you summon the AI assistant by gently squeezing both sides of the phone. Pixel 2 also has a feature named Google Lens. It is an Augmented Reality feature using which you can point your phone camera towards items and the phone will give you information about it. Pixel 2 Camera is also peerless in the industry. It automatically removes blur in photos, increase focus on adding electronic image stabilization in videos. And last but not the least the AI-based translation service of Google Assistant. If you buy Google earbuds for $159, Google Assistant will translate any language to you via earbuds. Beat that, Apple!

Pixel Camera Beats iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8

Google Pixel 2 camera is one of the centerpieces of Google’s innovation. The 12.2-MP camera is equipped with Google’s HDR+ feature which is smart enough to remove blurs and spots on your photos. Google Pixel camera has an impressive f 1/1.8 aperture. The camera also has optical image stabilization. Image quality benchmarking website DxOMark has given 98 points to Pixel 2 Camera. This is the highest score given by the platform to any phone. Keep in phone that iPhone 8 Plus got 94 points.

Display and Design

Google is one of the very first companies to use OLED display in their phones. I love the Pixel 2 XL OLED display, which have a massive 2880*1440 resolution. The aspect ratio for bezels is also astounding. The overall design and display of Pixel 2 looks and feels excellent.

Always Feature ON with AI

Remember Samsung Galaxy S8 feature named “Always ON” in which the phone shows time in a pretty graceful way all the time. Well, Google Pixel 2 also supports Always ON display. And unlike Samsung S8, Pixel 2 Always ON feature does not eat the battery. The phone also keeps “listening” for inputs to its Google Assistant. For example, if Always ON display is enabled, and a song players nearby you, Google Assistant will find out the tune for you with its details, and will suggest you to make it your ring tone.

Augmented Reality Features in Pixel 2

Apple has been boasting a lot about the AR features in the latest iPhone X, but I think Google’s Augmented reality features clearly surpass Apple’s in performance. Google used ARCore technology and allowed developers to make all sorts of AR apps. For example, using Google’s AR platform, you can create League of Legends characters and design the maps on the table in your house. You can also take “selfies” with the famous characters of Star Wars or any other movie.

Free, Unlimited Storage on Google Drive

Yes, you read that right. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners will get unlimited free storage space on Google Drive for photos and files. But there is a catch. The feature won’t be available before 2020.



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