Here’s Chrome Extension To Solve Those Annoying Netflix Moments

Here’s Chrome Extension To Solve Those Annoying Netflix Moments

Don’t you just loathe Netflix when you have just finished one episode and are about to jump to the next successive episode, then you get the following on your screen?

First, what is so hard for Netflix to understand that you sat down to watch a particular series and would like to finish all the episodes? Why do they feel the need to interrupt you with suggestions on other things you could be watching other than the one you are currently watching?

You were just peacefully sited in your favorite seat streaming the episodes until the end, and after two or three successive episodes. Netflix forces you to move or even worse get up from your seat and click ‘Continue Watching’ button.

Well, if you Netflix a lot on Google Chrome browser there is an app extension for that. Flix Assist will automatically hit the ‘Continue Watching’ button for you and you never have to move your muscle to do away with those annoying interruption as you stream your movie series.

Flix Assist gets even more interesting; it removes that annoying countdown to the next episode. With this extension installed in your Chrome Browser, you will no longer have to wait for those 30 seconds countdown to the next episode.

These first world problems of smart suggestions and waiting a whole half a minute for the next episode are things that can be overcome.

To install Flix Assist on your Chrome browser, head on to the Chrome Web Store.

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