Here’s How to Fix Busy Signal While Setting Up Voicemail Problem

A lot of users are getting a busy signal when they try to setup voicemail. In this article we will tell you ways to fix this problem.

Fix Busy Signal While Setting Up Voicemail Problem

1- First pinpoint the problem. To check if your voicemail if working, call from some other phone and if the voicemail picks up, press * (AT&T) and hear the voicemail message. Enter the pin and access the voicemail. If the voicemail isn’t picking up, this means that there is a problem with your account.  Similarly, if you are a Verizon user, login your Verizon account and confirm if you have the voicemail feature. If yes, dial *86 to check voice mail is working. If not, call customer support.

2- If you get a busy signal whilst setting up your voicemail, chances are that the voicemail feature hasn’t been added to your phone service yet. Contact the customer support department of your phone service and ask them to enable the voicemail service. Most of the people who get a busy signal while setting voicemail were able to fix their problem just by asking the customer service of their phone connection company.

3- Some users have also reported that they solved their voicemail busy problem by resetting the VM feature. Remove the VM feature and then add it back. If you do not have the privileges to do it yourself contact customer support.


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