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Here’s what HMD Global had for us at MWC19 in the name of Nokia

by Felix Omondi
hmd global nokia 9 pureview

Since 2017, HMD Global has been showcasing nostalgic devices at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). In 2017, they literally brought the iconic Nokia 3310 back to life. They followed that resurrection with another one at the next MWC 2018 whey the brought back the Nokia 8110. Also known as the ‘banana phone.’

However, at the end of the day, people purchasing this ‘resurrected’ but modified Nokia phones were doing so to relieve the old days. There was nothing much to write home about in terms of features as there were – and still, are – more feature-rich smartphones out there.

This year’s MWC19, HMD Global has decided there will be no more trips to the cemetery and doing some Frankenstein magic of bringing back the dead. Yes, the company has launched a number of new devices, but nothing that is reanimating the dead.

The Nokia 1 Plus

The Nokia 1 Plus is a follow-up to the Nokia 1 released at the MWC 2018. Though some have raised concerns about the naming of the device; given there is already a smartphone branded OnePlus in the market.hmd global nokia 1 plus

On the other hand, some say the name ‘1 Plus’ is an appropriate name to the Nokia 1 as it depicts continuity and upgrade.

That aside, the Nokia 1 Plus is powered by Android Go just like the original Nokia 1. Meaning it is running on lean (not beefy) hardware: 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. It becomes the first device by HMD Global to ship with Android 9 Pie Go edition.

It also comes with a new design, a bigger display (5.45 inches up from 4.5 in the Nokia 1). It has a better camera 8MP at the rear and 5MP at the front. The battery too has been bumped up, which if you combine with the battery saving features of Android Pie will give you more hours between successive re-charge.

Nokia 3.2

We can call the Nokia 3.2 as the successor of the Nokia 3.1. It comes with a notification light situated on the power button, and a larger screen that is predecessor (Nokia 3.1).hmd global nokia 3.2

It is powered by a 4000mAh battery and runs on a Snapdragon 429 chip. Amazingly the phone comes with a 3-year guarantee from HMD Global. It also has a dedicated Google Assistant button.

Nokia 4.2

This phone comes with glass cover at both the front and back; giving it that premium and classy look. Though the name does suggest continuity – like there was a Nokia 4 or 4.1 – though this is the first one of its line.hmd global nokia 4.2

It also has an LED notification light built on the power button. Notification light has been a trademark of Sony, Tecno, and Oppo. It is really cool that Nokia (or HMD Global) has taken that route as well.

Internally it tucks away the Snapdragon 439 processor and comes in a variant of 2GB and 3GB RAM, 16GB and 32GB internal storage, a 3000mAh battery, and dual-camera sensors with a depth-sensing capability (13MP+2MP).

Nokia 9 PureView

This was perhaps the most leaked Nokia phone that was anticipated to be launched at the MWC 2019. Though none of the leaks or rumors were confirmed prior to MWC since HMD Global remained tightlipped to the very end.hmd global nokia 9 pureview

The name PureView is reminiscent of the Symbian-based Nokia 808 PureView and then Windows Phone as the Lumia 1020 PureView.

The Nokia 9 PureView has been described as the HMD Global flagship phone of 2019. It comes with a QHD+ display that is a little less than 6-inches. It has a 5-camera combo whose 2 color cameras complement the other 3 of monochrome to give you superb snaps. It supports wireless charging, has USB Type-C port and is water and dust proof with IP67 certification.

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