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Heroes had their Time it’s ‘Sheroes’ Season now #AWITMozambique

awit mozambique

The most common term we hear nowadays is “woman empowerment” it seems like suddenly we discovered the will of being free within ourselves. African Women In Tech (AWIT), not only found that women are tech capable, but they identified the way to make their vanity accountable.

AWIT brings innovative and talented female entrepreneurs from different sectors for a unique exchange of experiences, that leads to successful cooperations between both.

Some call it a network, we used to call it that too! But not anymore after experiencing what we can call the freedom roar from bold and skillful Mozambican women.awit mozambique

It was on Wednesday, October 11th that the network event or simply the kick off for the most awaited tech entrepreneurship event of the year took place at IDEÁRIO, a community-based hub, focused on economic freedom for everybody through business CoCreation. 30 attendees in its majority women showed up to that network willing to know and connect with each other and so they did!

First step given, here we go to the day one! Curiosity and excitement is what we can see in everybody’s faces.awit mozambique

Thursday, October 12th, 9:30 am AWIT founder Anie Akpe stands in front of the audience to explain after all “what are we here for” and AWIT’s purpose gets clear on everyone’s mind, she didn’t deliver a pitch, but she definitely knows what she stands for!

Followed by Djembe communications representative Victor Nhatitima, who was responsible for putting everything together for AWIT Mozambique to happen, he explained clearly the importance of bringing this kind of events to Mozambique, and warmly welcomed the attendees at the audience.

I could describe specifically what happened on the event, who said what and how, but it wouldn’t make any justice to the wisdom that was shared in that room!

Just for you to have an idea we went from a mind awakening presentation of Alfredo Cuanda IDEÁRIO’s founder on HOW TO FUND YOUR TECH STARTUP , all the way up to inspirational panel sessions like DOING SOCIAL GOOD THROUGH TECHNOLOGY with Shaista Araújo – MUVA Tech, Anila Mussá – Izyshop, Andréa Massamba – Uabalika and Natália João – M&J.

Well AWIT Mozambique is just getting started and showing us that when a woman shares her story, 10 more women can grow from that!

Guest Post By: Jessica Manhiça – Head of IDEÁRIO Platform and Communication

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