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How To Hide WhatsApp Online Status on Android and iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

How To Hide WhatsApp Online Status on Android and iPhone

It is very difficult for business people to stay in touch with chatting forums like WhatsApp due to their busy life. They would ideally want to hide their online presence and read messages as they get time. The real problem is that the “Last Seen” status is visible as you open any contact from your WhatsApp Messenger. You can hide WhatsApp online status on Android and iPhone using manual method or by using an app.

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Hide WhatsApp Online Status Manually

  • Launch your WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Go the Settings tab, located in the bottom right.

Hide WhatsApp Online Status 4

  • Tap on Chat Settings->Advanced.

Hide WhatsApp Online Status 4

  • You need to toggle the “Last Seen timestamp” option to “OFF”.

Hide WhatsApp Online Status 4

  • That’s it. You can focus on your job and return to your WhatsApp messages later on.

Hide WhatsApp Online Status Using an App

WhatsApp Ghost is a free Android app that masks your online status on WhatsApp. You can log into your account in hidden mode and the app prevents the last connection out from showing others. It is easy, simple, quick, and effective solution to obscure your online presence.

You just need to launch WhatsApp Ghost anytime you desire to go to a hidden mode in WhatsApp. Read messages and reply to them without leaving any trace about your last online status. You need to make sure that you disable the WhatsApp Ghost when you have read and replied to the messages, to ensure proper functioning of WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Ghost functions by disabling all kind of network connections before opening WhatsApp Messenger. You can read the messages that have already been downloaded to your device. You may even reply to them. Your replies will be sent as you disable the stealth mode and network connection is restored.

WhatsApp Ghost is a useful application for automating the process of disabling the network connection before opening your WhatsApp messenger. Otherwise, you would have to perform this function manually.

You must keep in mind that you have to tap on WhatsApp Ghost app for using WhatsApp in stealth mode. If you open real WhatsApp, it will keep your online status. WhatsApp Ghost provides basic interface of real WhatsApp, where you can read and reply to messages, downloaded to your device.

This is how you can hide WhatsApp online status on Android and iPhone manually or by utilizing apps to automate the process.

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