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Hinge, the Dating App for people who don’t like Dating Apps

by Felix Omondi

Hinge claims that 75% of dates on the platform lead to second dates. It sounds promising, right? Like it is the super AI that matches you with your perfect soul-mate.

Background to Hinge

If you are new to Hinge, here is a little run down on what the app is all about. This app was launched in 2012, just about the same time Tinder was launched. Back then, both apps were more or less the same thing. All a user had to do, was to swipe through so many profiles until they get to one interests them; though Hinge connected users with friends of friends on Facebook.

It quickly becomes apparent that only one in out of 500 swipes on Hinge led to an exchange of phone numbers. So the people behind the platform sat down to re-strategize and make people more actively engaged with each other; which can be seen by the users exchanging phone numbers more frequently.

So in 2015, the rebranded as an app for individuals looking to forge a serious relationship as opposed to looking for just friends or one-night stands. So on the new Hinge app, you just don’t create a profile for the sake of one. You have to go to the details other than just providing an air-brushed profile photo.

You will need to state personal things about yourself including your political leaning, religious views, ethnicity, height, if and how many kids you go. You will also need to state whether you drink or smoke among other types of information.

You will also have to answer three questions from a list of predefined questions. These questions can be anything like what is the most embarrassing song you have on Spotify, what you are truly terrible at, and where you would like to go on your next vacation.

The end goal for all these questions will be creating a well-rounded profile that represents a real human. As opposed to those super-human profiles you get in other dating sites, where you find someone has like 20 hobbies he does without fail, they have an Olympic medal, got an award from POTUS, and has even met Superman.

How Hinge drives Quality Connections

In other dating platforms, you simply have to scroll through enlisted members as you peruse their profile, swiping left or right based on their profile picture and bio. However, Hinge promises something more meaningful when it comes to making matches.

The dating site will tell you exactly what other people that viewed your profile liked about you. You will get a notification on who viewed your profile and what they liked about you. Then you can also view their profile and even send them a ‘DM’ is you so wish.

Hinge AI-learning

As you use the platform, AI will keep learning your preferences. Do you like them short, tall, thick, or skinny. Perhaps you’re into regions and are in search for Asian women, African women, American women, or Eastern European women. Whatever your interest are, the AI will occasionally serve you with the ‘Most Compatible’ partners. This method is not perfect, but Hinge believes that users are eight times more likely to have a pleasant date with other users it presents to them as ‘Most Compatible’ than anybody else.

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