reaches 6000 hotel milestone in Nigeria reaches 6000 hotel milestone in Nigeria reaches 6000 hotel milestone in Nigeria, the biggest hotel booking website in Nigeria, has surpassed their milestone of 6,000 hotels in Nigeria – that is another 1,000 hotels added in just within 4 months. allows customers to book hotel rooms online, providing list of hotels from all across Nigeria with hotel descriptions, photos, prices, and reviews to ensure customers stay in good, clean and safe hotels all over the country.

 “As end of 2014 arrives, has reached 6000 hotels in Nigeria. We’ve gone from burning cash at the start of the year to profit of multiple our monthly expenses at end of the year. We’ve built a tight, independent team that works efficiently without intervention. We recorded almost no customer complaints in last two months, while booking tens of thousands of people,” said Mark Essien, founder and CEO of

“I learnt that if you’re creative and keep thinking, you can solve problems that people have said cannot be solved. And I’ve learnt to have complete faith in the team – it’s group work that got us this far, and it’s group work that will take us into gear two in 2015.”

Definitely keeping an eye on this coming year.

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