How About Power Shoelaced Sneakers To Wear To Your Power Steered, Power Windowed Car? | Nike Mag Sneakers

How About Powered Shoelace Sneakers To Wear To Your Power Steered, Power Windowed Car? | Nike Mag Sneakers

I must admit! I am somewhat of a sci-fi movie junkie, but Nike’s latest sneakers make the border between a sci-fi movie and the reality very blurry. The latest Nike sneakers seem like something right out of Iron Man’s closet in Marvel’s hit movie The Avengers. Well, minus the flying-chasing-after-you-part; Iron Man’s clothes chase him around enabling him to wear them mid-air while falling or moving into some danger zone.

The Iron Man effect seems to be exactly what Nike was aiming at when they were developing the Nike Mag Sneakers. These sneakers have ‘powered laces’ that have “individually responsive system that senses the wearer’s motion to provide adaptive on-demand comfort and support. But this is just the first iteration.”

Nike in a statement further added: “By imagining the future, we create it. Product that comes alive with on-demand comfort and support when you need, product that senses you and adapts to you is right around the corner.”

In my opinion as far as wearable tech is concerned, Nike Mag Sneakers is the newest and probably coolest kid on the block. In many regards, the sneakers should be called ‘smart-shoe.’ Yes, that is the name I would call it if I could flaunt it to my friends while explaining it to them over a phone call on my smartphone, one late night as I sit beside my smart-refrigerator inside my smart-house.

Thanks to Nike, Smart Shoes are becoming more and more popular these days. Another option are the Loom smart and vegan sneakers, that are 100% waterproof and breathable. You can find them at a very good price at the moment!

Better yet I could just wear my ‘power-shoelaced’ Nike Mag Sneakers and get into my electric-powered Tesla Model S car. That has both powered steering and powered windows and drive over to my friend’s place to flaunt the Nike sneakers.

Do you see what is already happening? Nike Mag Sneakers has made the line between sci-fi movies and the reality quite blurry.

Now on a serious note, if you want to flaunt the Nike Mag Sneaker. You might be disappointed to know that Nike hasn’t announced if or when the sneakers will be available to the general public. However, the company said that these shoes are limited edition models that will first be sold through auction. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for the Parkinson’s Research. The details of the auctions date, time, and venue will be made public in spring 2016.

The following is a video by Jacques Slade explaining how Nike Mag Sneakers came to be.

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