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How – and Why – To Harness the Power of Transcription to Speed Up the Growth of Your Startup

When thinking about growing your startup, transcription services might not immediately spring to mind. However, video transcription and other professional transcription can deliver several benefits. They can help with your marketing, easing your expansion into international markets or even speed up daily tasks. Below we’ll cover: what is video transcription and how to find the best services in transcribing a video for your startup.

Video Content Marketing Basics

One popular way to expand your startup quickly into overseas territories is through video content marketing. Video content marketing is a way of creating video with valuable content for generating leads for your business. It differs from traditional advertising in that it’s meant to engage, inform or entertain audiences in a way that increases brand awareness and encourages people to interact with the brand, without necessarily being obviously sales-like. For instance, a pet food brand might make a video detailing the nutritional needs of popular dog breeds.

Video is a very popular marketing tool. Some 86%

of businesses use it. What makes it so useful for entering international markets is that it’s a way to reach and engage with audiences all over the world without leaving your desk. You can use video to connect with audiences in a more personal way.

Of course, if you plan on using video to market to foreign audiences, you’ll need to think about translation. Transcribe a video by first transcribing the audio element. That script then gets translated line-by-line, so video transcription is key to accurate translation.

Can Google transcribe a video? Google Docs does have a voice typing tool that can be used to transcribe video or audio. However, the tool is known for having accuracy issues. If you’re using video transcription for professional translation, it pays to find a professional transcriptionist. A poorly transcribed video could misrepresent a product, lose audiences because the grammar is hard to understand or fail to keep the same organizational tone, to name but a few of the many risks.

Speeding Up Tasks Through Video to Text Transcription

Transcribing video to text and vice versa can also help you speed up tasks in general. How long does it take to transcribe one hour of video? Average estimates put transcribing an hour of video at four to nine hours. That rate varies greatly because the subject matter could be complex, there could be several speakers, or the sound quality could slow down the process.

If you’re looking to expand your business, it’s time to make your processes more efficient. Transcription services do much more than video transcription. When transcribing video to text, they can provide specialist services such as video transcription software, and machine transcription post-editing to get the job done. They can also transcribe audio from live meetings, podcasts, video calls, conferences or legal proceedings, as a few examples. Imagine how much time you could save by simply dictating letters, reports and more, then having them professionally transcribed ready for you to sign off and use.

Transcription can also turn videos into blog posts, which could come in handy as part of your content marketing strategy. If it’s audio and relates to growing your startup, professional transcription can handle it.

Read more here: How to Transcribe Video to Text.

Finding a Video Transcription Professional

Finding a video-to-text transcription professional doesn’t need to be a headache. There are just a few good practices to follow to make sure you are working with the most professional services possible.

Many people ask around their professional or personal network to see if anyone has had any good experiences with a certain service. Having someone recommend a video transcription service they had a good experience with is a fast way to connect you with an experienced professional.

You might also search online for video transcription. Make sure to look at independent reviews of the service. You might also contact the company and directly ask a few probing questions about their approach, standards and experience. A professional service will be detailed and forthcoming in answering such questions.

Also, check the background of the service. You should assess their work experience to make sure they have handled

the type of files and content you need transcribed. A professional service should be happy to share details of sample work or relevant client testimonials with you. Finally, make sure that the service uses experienced transcriptionists. Some services may use certified transcriptionists, which means that a professional body verified their transcriptionists’ skills.

Video Transcription Summary

Video content marketing is a popular way to connect with new leads. If you’re growing your startup overseas, make sure you’re getting the most accurate transcription so that your content lands perfectly with the new audience.

Transcription can also help with other startup tasks to improve process efficiency. Just make sure you access the most professional services by researching in detail before hiring. That will assure the best experience possible for video transcription and beyond.

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