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How Apps Are Changing These 5 Sectors


It seems like every company in existence has an app that they constantly try to force you to download, and it’s pretty annoying when it’s a service you only use once a year and the app isn’t adding any value to your experience.

However, when they are done right apps can not only improve customer experience, but they can actually change the way that entire industries operate for the better.


The innovative apps from challenger banks like Monzo and Starling are forcing mainstream banks to up their games in terms of customer service. These apps allow you to see what you are spending immediately, set budgets and receive warnings if you are about to exceed them. They also make it easy to request and transfer money between friends or split purchases. They have actively sought out everything that was a headache when dealing with a traditional bank and made it their business to alleviate the issue so that the customer experience is seamless.

Traditional banks are going to have to improve their own services and digital offerings if they expect to maintain the levels of customers that they are used to.


Gone are the days where you would have to go into a betting shop if you wanted to make a bet. Apps like the Unibet App allow their users to not only place bets but to stream sporting events directly to their mobile phones or other devices and to place their bets in real-time. Betting isn’t limited to sporting events either, and you can choose to bet on election results, world events or anything else that you like!


Apps like Deliveroo and Uber eats connect restaurants with hundreds of potential customers that they might never otherwise have reached, and allow them to get their food delivered to them in their homes. This has been a particularly important service during the pandemic, with more people concerned about eating in public, the availability of these apps has allowed restaurants to continue trading and for people to continue to enjoy their favorite foods.

Now that restaurants are open for customers to dine in once again, apps have been invaluable in allowing customers to place their orders from their table and reduce the risk of spreading the virus by walking around inside establishments.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Apps like Headspace and Calm have helped to make mindfulness and meditation something that is accessible to everyone, no matter where they are or what time it is. Importantly, they have also simplified the concepts and turned them into something that anyone of any level can benefit from.

This has been a lifeline for a lot of people in dealing with the anxiety and uncertainty involved in everyday life during the pandemic.


Travel has been revolutionized by Airbnb, which connects people renting out rooms and properties directly with the people who want to stay in them without having to go through a third party agency. This makes an authentic experience in a new town or city completely accessible, and often cheaper than staying in a hotel!

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