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How Can I Profit 1% Daily from Bitcoin and Crypto Trading?


Now that you have had the opportunity to watch the increasing number of people trying to learn how to profit from the Bitcoin and Crypto trading markets, the question is, “How Can I Profit 1% Daily from Bitcoin and Crypto Trading?” Now, to answer this question, we first need to define what exactly it means to profit from trading the markets. In many ways, it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced trader or just starting; however, there are some key points to remember that can help you better understand the concept. Read on to find out more about profit-making with crypto trading.

Is It Possible to Profit 1% Daily?

Before we go further on what you need to do, we have to discuss and see the possibility of achieving this aim. Honestly, this is a personal matter that highly depends on your strategy. To some crypto trading gurus, it’s impossible. They claim that 1% daily gain is unlikely to happen on a regular and ongoing basis. A great financial year in the exchange market could be 20%, thus having expectations of about 375% in a year is just unreasonable. You can realize 1% here and there, but not every day.

On the contrary, other traders feel that it’s achievable. A particular one suggests trading the prices on a broker platform can help you achieve the profit. So, if you choose the right broker and apply technical to your charts, you’ll possibly make 1% daily whether the prices go up or down. Remember this way also has disadvantages. Thus, it’s upon you to use it or not. Another expert trader applies a method he says gives him a 5-10% a day on trending coins and an average of 2-10% each day with bitcoin.

Trading cryptocurrencies has become a permanent trend and is very dynamic. Profit makers in the industry attribute this to detailed analysis, experience, high skill levels, and the ability to take risks. Even so, the truth is that as an individual, you need to know yourself better and be acquainted with your trading methods. Only then can you succeed in this fantastic money-making path, whether you’re a beginner or a trade guru.

How Can You Make Much Profit from Bitcoin Trading?   

Let’s say that you just need to earn some returns from your bitcoin trade without considering the percentage of daily return, how will you do that? While you may not exactly get a 1% daily gain, the suggested ways below can help you make profits.

Trading bots 

This digital tool, trading robot (bot) is software that assists you to carry out trade through online exchanges based on the programmer’s parameters. This way, the crypto market is never closed, and even if you sleep, the business process will continue. You only wake with a pleasant surprise of significant gains if that’s the case. These crypto trading bots are accessible to every person regardless of your crypto trading status; anyone is entitled to use them.


This is a trading bot that you can use even if the computer is off; it will continue trading. It is the most powerful and provides sprawling stop-loss, user-friendly interface, backtest, and capability to use numerous exchanges for trade. It also offers a one-month free trial and an opportunity to upgrade to Hare or Bunny for pleasant profit-making.

Bitcoin Profit 

This is automatic software that enables you to make profits by trading bitcoin or other crypto coins. It scrutinizes and evaluates the markets to find productive trading opportunities. After that, it creates profitable signals for business and effect trading orders for you to make sure they make the highest returns per trade. Like many other people who earn huge profits every day by using bitcoin profit, you too can do so. You can also make more money using this software by following the steps below:

Start small. It’s advisable to start with little capital even if a person has much. This way, you’ll study and understand how the system works. Later on, as you proceed, you can increase your investment.

Learn about digital currency trading. Yes, the software will do every work for you, but you need to continue learning about E-coin. Doing so will allow you to realize extra profitable pairs to increase your profits.

Don’t invest in what you can’t afford to lose. The crypto industry is very volatile, and using bitcoin profit doesn’t change that. Therefore, put in only the much you’ll bear losing and make your returns with it.

Withdraw your profits. Keep track of your earnings and withdraw them from the account. This will help you know the returns on your investment and where you need to improve. You can also use the rewards to trade in other currencies.

Day trade

Another way to ensure that you earn those daily profits and quick is to undertake day trading cryptocurrency. If you do proper research about this way of making returns and learn how to carry it out, you’ll reap huge benefits. Though it’s a challenging approach, and not many people always break through it. The market is so unpredictable, and the prices keep on changing. You are likely to experience losses, but if it favours you, the profits will be immense. Try and understand what causes prices to increase and keep watch on those. Trading in cryptos has become so popular. Many participate in one form of this trade or another, thanks to lenders, such as 365 Credit Solutions, who offer wise investment advice to individuals.

Bitcoin trading strategy

Having a strategy that you can use to trade all the essential currencies is vital for your profit-making. One such is the bitcoin trading strategy which is 5- simple steps to profit and can be applied to other coins like ethereum (ETH) too. It’s also an 85% value action strategy, and 15% uses an indicator like the OBV (On-Balance Volume). Here are the steps:

Cover up the BTC chart with that of ETH and the OBV indicator. The chart set-up should typically have three windows- one for BTC chart, second for ETC chart, and lastly a window for the indicator.

Search for smart money divergence between the price of ethereum and bitcoin.

The OVB should increase in the direction of the trend in case the BTC price is lagging behind the ETC one.

Put a buy limit order at the point of resistance to try and prevent the probable breakout.

Take your returns once the OBV reaches 105,000. This strategy is a proven way to make high profits from bitcoin and crypto trading. Thus, it would be better to find more about it.

The Bottom Line

The above discussion has shed light on the possibility of earning daily profits with bitcoin and another digital currency trading. These are just some of the many things to do to ensure you earn money from this industry. The suggestions are based on the trending aspects of crypto trade. You might want to review it and better still, find out more on the subject.  

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