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How can you attach a Multimedia File into a QR Code?


Multimedia files, such as photos, music, video, and text, are some of the most commonly utilized forms of files in holding two or more pieces of data in today’s technological world.

However, because they carry two or more pieces of data from a single configuration and can be retrieved via a multimedia player such as a video or audio player on the internet, how can a media file be inserted into a physical paper?

Because it is impossible to print intricate media file types such as audio and video, workarounds such as inserting a text of the multimedia source URLs on paper exist.

People will have to manually enter the URL into the internet browser before accessing the multimedia file because they place the multimedia file URLs in the physical paper; tech enthusiasts present a better alternative. And then there are QR codes. Now that anyone can create QR codes using the best QR code generator with logo online implementing its use is more manageable than before. 

Spaces, where a multimedia file QR code is, can be placed?

With QR codes being widely introduced and used by most enterprises and tech-savvy individuals alike, the spaces a multimedia QR code can blend vary with their intent of use. As long as the area is feasible for QR code scanning, here are some valuable spaces that anyone can use to place their multimedia QR codes. 

  1. Books and learning resources

The future of education relies on technology to relay information and facilitate learning. Since books and other learning resources are can now be accessed digitally, teachers can save the PDF version of their learning resources into a PDF QR code and attach them to their syllabus or activity sheets. 

  1. Business cards

To impress your prospective client with the business card you are handing out, you can attach a QR code that directs to a short video clip of what your company is currently working on. Through this, you can get the prospective client’s attention by letting them have the option to scan the QR code attached to the business card you give out. 

  1. Magazine and Journals

With the metaverse being introduced by famous magazine spreads today, adding a digital touch with every print magazine and journal is needed to keep up with the tech trends that many readers are looking forward to trying on. Using QR codes as a gateway towards digital magazine and journal reading can attract a new wave of readers and patrons. 

  1. Product packaging

If your product is built your type and you want to minimize the number of materials used to wrap it, a multimedia file QR code is one great tool to use. With it, you can just attach an assembly video or a digital assembly instruction manual where the buyer will only need to scan the QR code embedded in the product packaging. 

How can you attach a multimedia file into a QR code?

Now that the spaces where you can place a multimedia QR code are identified, you will need to create one and put these spaces to the test. 

  1. Open and register an account for a QR code generator online.

When embedding a multimedia file into a QR code, it is critical to choose a QR code generator that can supply you with safe and secure QR codes at a fair price. 

  1. Choose file classification and submit the multimedia file to be converted.

After you’ve launched the QR code generator, navigate to the file category and select the multimedia file you wish to turn into a QR code.

  1. Create your QR code.

After the QR code generator accepts your file upload, produce the QR code by clicking the “generate your QR code” button.

  1. Make changes to the QR code’s design.

Customize your QR code by choosing one of the offered templates, or create your unique design by choosing various patterns, eye shapes, and colors. You may also include a logo and a statement of intent in your layout to boost the likelihood of your QR code being scanned.

  1. Perform a scan test

With each innovative tool introduced, the technical staff must test its innovations before releasing them to the public. The same logic applies to QR codes because it identifies which areas require enhancement or otherwise.

  1. Distribute and download

Download your QR code in SVG format so that you can easily resize it without fretting about the code’s quality when printed. After you have published your leaflet with the QR code, you may begin distributing it to your colleagues, friends, or students. 


Nowadays, QR codes are not just placed for decorative and information gateway purposes; they are also integrated by most businesses today to hold other useful data like their social media profiles and more. 

With multimedia as one of the information type that many businesses and individuals integrate to improve their data sharing means, QR codes is a tool that bridges people to view multimedia content from a static space like a print paper.

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