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How Dating Apps have changed the Game


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You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of, or taken up, online dating in recent years. According to Statista, nearly 280 million people will use dating apps by 2024, with 70 million using dating apps at least casually. Whether you’re actively looking for a partner or simply want to use dating apps out of curiosity, there’s no denying their impact. What makes dating apps so interesting and why do we continue to use them so frequently?

Making Dating More Manageable for Introverts

Given how much time we spend on social media and online platforms, it’s easy to understand why so many of us have grown more introverted. Dating apps however make it easier to make first contact with like-minded introverts or people who you’d like to date but wouldn’t have the courage to approach.

This is great for college students and Gen Z who are dipping their toes into dating for the first time but can’t make heads or tails of it. It’s also helpful for people who are, by nature, introverts and are very unlikely to go out on a Friday night and stumble onto a potential partner. This is what dating apps have been very good at facilitating over the years and it’s one of the best reasons why they’re likely to stick around for some time to come.

Meeting your Significant Other from Abroad

Meeting a significant other from another country or content was very difficult before the internet became a thing. Thanks to online forums, online dating has become more than a myth in the early 2000s. Dating apps are a natural extension of that idea as they can enable long-distance relationships for millions of people around the globe.

This means that you can quite easily find your soulmate by using dating apps and setting up your profile and preferences carefully. Dating apps will help you match with the people you are most likely to “click” with, despite you living in different countries if you choose to go that route. Relationships born of dating apps can be just as successful and fruitful as if you’ve met at a bar or a mutual friend’s house – all you need to do is put the work into it.

Dating is Safer for Marginalized Groups

Many people are still afraid to come out to their friends or family about the lifestyle choices they’ve made. If you’re gay, that’s completely normal and there’s nothing to worry about. You can use Taimi Wiki if you’re looking for an LGBTQ+ partner and want to find out more about how to approach online dating. Dating apps have managed to successfully create online safe spaces for people from groups who are unjustly marginalized or stigmatized worldwide.

The same applies to people from minorities, ex-pats, or people living in smaller communities who are from abroad and have difficulties socializing. Dating apps go beyond match-making – they’re genuine platforms that can help you find people who will understand you and accept you for who you are.

Dating is Approachable for Employed Individuals

If you’re working 9-to-5 or even longer, the last thing on your mind will be to dress up and go out again after work. Dating is nigh impossible for many young people who are pursuing their careers and want to build successful lives. However, loneliness can creep in even if you’re earning a six-figure salary. Dating apps have managed to make relationships possible not only internationally but also for people who are devoted to their jobs.

You can easily get matched with a person who is just as professional and devoted to their work as you are. This can make dating more comfortable as you’ll feel understood by the other person rather than them commenting on how busy you are all the time. Dating takes commitment and mutual understanding – which is why dating apps are so suitable for employed individuals.

The Exciting World of Dating Apps

The notion of meeting a significant other online might have been impossible a decade or two ago. Now, however, it’s more than just a possibility. Dating apps have successfully helped millions of happy couples around the globe find each other.

Without these apps, these people would have never crossed each others’ paths and fallen in love. Whether you’re looking for a straight or an LGBTQ+ partner, there are plenty of great dating apps for you to choose from. Start looking into it even if you’re happy being single at the moment – you never know what might happen.

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