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How do I activate Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

by Felix Omondi
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No other generation in human history has been staring at the screen than the current generation. We do so when at the bus, behind the wheel while driving, in our offices while working, at home even when in the bed. So much so that it has necessitated the development of dark mode to make things a little bit easier on our eyes and general health.

Dark mode is now the in thing for software developers; looking at the marketing Apple is doing for macOS Mojave, one would think that’s the only featured to look forward to with the latest Mac OS X.

The social media giant Facebook is also on the dark mode club; it has to, given it is probably guilty of keeping a lot of people glued to their smartphone screen till late in the night while in their beds. In this article, we are going to show you how to activate dark mode on Facebook Messenger.

On your mobile device, launch the Messenger app, tap on your profile picture to open the settings tab. You can now toggle on the dark mode switch. Just like that, your Messenger will be in dark mode.

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