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How Do I Add a New Incoming Number to Contacts in Nexus 5 and Other Android phones

by Fahad Saleem

Android Nexus 5 users are facing the issue of how to add, save and edit a new incoming number to their contacts. The users figured out a manual way to add a number to contacts by writing down the new number and adding it by accessing the People’s App manually. But the users want to know an easy and efficient way. Below is the way you can try to add a new incoming number to contacts.

Phone/Dialer App

Go to your Phone/Dialer App, the first window that will pop up shows the list of people you called. If it doesn’t show the list of your calls, click the clock icon on the bottom left, which is call history. Now, long press and select the blank picture next to the number you want to add to contacts, if the person is not in your contacts then there will be a blank picture next to the number. A window will appear with the phone number, tap the icon that looks like a person’s silhouette with a plus sign. It will open up your contact list. Now, select either you want to add new contact or update existing contact which appears at the bottom of the page. If you will add the number as a new contact, a new window will open up with the number pre-loaded. Alternately, if you add it as an existing contact, the new number would be pre-loaded at a slot below any existing number. Next, choose the account you want to sync your new contact too, such as Google account; this ensures that the information of your new contact is stored from your phone to your Google account on the internet. This protects your contact data. Finally, touch the save button on the top of the screen to save the contact. In this way your new incoming number will be added to your contacts.

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