How do I know if someone blocked my number on iPhone?

How do I know if someone blocked my number on iPhone?

Ever had to loan someone something, maybe cash or other valuable. When the time comes for them to pay you back, they all of a sudden become scarce; they don’t come around as they used to, they’re always offline, and they even disable the message receipt feature on IM apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Are you facing such challenges with someone, who was previously easily accessible and easy to get hold of, but went MIA when the time for you to ‘collect’ came. Then it so happens you can find them on the phone. You call and call, as well as leave them messages, but they never return any of your calls or messages? Chances are, they have blocked your number.

If they are using an iPhone, we have some tricks up our sleeves that will let you know they blacklisted you in their contact list. Though this trick is not definitive, as they are simple tell-tell signs that your number has been blocked by whomever you are trying to reach.

#1 – ‘Not Delivered’ on messages sent on iMessage

If you send them a text message on iMessage, normally you should get the ‘Delivered’ report when the text gets across to them. However, if they blocked your number, messages sent on iMessage will keep giving you the ‘Not Delivered’ report.

Now, there has to be a time when you believe you were not blocked. Go to your iMessage thread, and scroll to a time you suspect they had not blocked you yet. Check under the last message sent. You should see the ‘Delivered’ on the message delivery report. If the following messages display ‘Not Delivered.’ That should be a clue that you have now been blocked.

#2 – Enable SMS texts

The next indicator that you have been blocked will come in the form of SMS, but for this trick to work you need to enable SMS texts on your iPhone. That way, when the iMessages fail to send, your iPhone will automatically try using your mobile data to re-send the message.

If the SMS messages still do not give you a delivery confirmation, there is another sign the recipient has blocked your number.

#3 – The Recipient’s iPhone could be on ‘Do Not Disturb Mode.’

If the recipient’s iPhone is on ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ they will not get a notification of your iMessage and will probably not read it. However, on your end, you will still get the message ‘Deliver’ notification, even though they have not actually read your message.

If they had blocked you, you would not be getting the ‘Delivered’ notification.

#4 – You calls go directly to Voicemail

So you tried sending a couple of text messages, and they all have no ‘Delivered’ notification. That could be because of numerous reasons, including their phone is out of service; not necessarily that they blocked your number.

So the next thing is you try to make a voice call, but the phone rang for a very brief period – not even a full ring – before you got connected to the voicemail. Though you will be able to leave a voicemail as if they had not blocked your call, but the message (voicemail) will appear in a different section of their voicemail inbox. That is the blocked calls section.

If they unblock your number after you leaving the voicemail, they will get the voicemail notification in the usual way; a notification popping up their screen letting them know they have unheard voicemail.

While your number was blocked, there was no way they would have known you had left a voicemail. Unless if they deliberately checked under the blocked voicemail section.

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