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How Do I Stop Camera from Shutting Music Down in iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

The iPhone users are facing the issue that when they open the camera, their music turns off. The users want the music to continue playing while they are capturing memories from the camera. It doesn’t only happen while recording video, the music turns off when you are taking a picture. So, here is how to stop camera from shutting the music down in iPhone.

How Do I Stop Camera from Shutting Music Down in iPhone

Third-party App

One of the best solutions to stop the camera from shutting music down in an iPhone is to download a third-party camera App. Although you wouldn’t get all the features of a default camera App but it would resolve the issue of music muting when the camera App is launched. Camera+ is a third-party App suggested by most of the people as an alternative for default camera App. This App lets you take pictures and at the same time listen to music.

Live Photos

Apple introduced a new feature in its camera App, the live photo effect. Live photo is a combination of a three second video and a still picture which is automatically captured when you press the shutter button to take a photo. Thus, one of the reasons for music shutting down in iPhone is the live photos feature being enabled. Make sure you turn off live photos, if not required, while capturing photo so that the music doesn’t stop playing in the background.

Reset All Settings

You can try to reset all Settings on your iPhone to fix the issue of music shutting down in iPhone while taking photos. Go to your iPhone’s Settings and then General. Now, go to Reset and tap on Reset All Settings. This resets everything in settings to default settings, including sound alerts, clock setting, notifications, etc.

Phone Reboot

Try to reboot your iPhone by simultaneously pressing down the power button and home button until the phone reboots i.e. the Apple logo appears. If the home button is broken or the assistive touch on your iPhone isn’t working, allow your phone’s battery to discharge to the end and then recharge your iPhone; this will restart your iPhone. You can also enable home button from assistive touch, go to your iPhone’s Settings then go to General. Now, tap on accessibility and then go to assistive touch. Under the assistive touch tab, activate AssistiveTouch toggle. This will display a gray box with a circle in it, tap on it. Now, press and hold the digital Home Button that appears simultaneously with the power button to reboot the iPhone.

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