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How do I take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

by Felix Omondi
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

We have all been there, and done it; take a screenshot of something on our device’s screen. Users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have more than one option for taking a screenshot, and in this article, we are exploring all of them.

You may already know one method of taking screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but I bet some tips down here will surprise you.

#1- Screenshot by key combinations

Scroll to the content you would like to take a screenshot of, and the press and hold the Power button and volume down button at the same time for two seconds.

Your Note 9 screen will flash and briefly display the screenshot on your screen. You can then go ahead and share the screenshot on social media or whichever other platform you would like. It will also remain your Gallery under the screenshot subfolder.

#2 – Palm Swipe Screenshot

After scrolling to the content, you would like to screenshot, simply place your hand vertically to the left or right end of your screen. Then swipe it across the screen from the edge making sure your hand remains in contact with the screen at all the time.

However, for this method to work, you need to activate the feature by going to Settings > Advanced features > Palm swipe to capture and enable it.

#3 – Scroll Capture

When you take a screenshot (using any method including the two mentioned above), you will briefly see a set of options at the bottom. One of these options will be ‘scroll capture.’ If you select that option, your phone will scroll through the content on the screen while taking multiple screenshots.

The multiple screenshots will then be stitched up together to make a long screenshot that will show everything as if your scrolling. This feature comes in quite handy when you want to capture a full webpage, a long online menu by a restaurant, or a set of directions.

#4 – Screenshot using the S-Pen and Screen Write

The drill is still the same. Scroll the content you want to screenshot to the screen, take out the S-Pen to activate Air Command, and (using the S-Pen) tap on the Screen White.

The screen will flash for a while, and a single screenshot will be briefly displayed with options for sharing. You can go to the editing pane where you can make some editing to whatever you have captured.

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