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How Does the Ranking System of LoL Work in 2021?


In any league tournament, you have to pass certain stages to play at professional levels. Ranking allows players to match and take on players with shared abilities in the tournament. The league of Legends has a ranking system too that pits players of the same caliber against each other. That way, you won’t get owned by a champ on your first few days to the game.

Ranking is crucial in all kinds of games. Even your favorite clubs in your local sports tournament compete for rankings too. The same applies in the League of Legends. Once you’ve gained a considerable amount of experience, unlocked summoner spells up to level 9, used the Blue Essence to own a few champions, and still have time to spare, you can play ranked.

Ranked mode is where things get interesting. Simply load up the LOL ranked mode and start climbing a ladder to a professional level. But to rank higher and get a more enjoyable experience, it’s useful to understand how the ranking system works. So here you go:

How does the LOL ranking system work?

If it’s your first time playing ranked, it can be pretty confusing. There are so many different tiers and divisions a player has to climb, and new players find it hard to understand how the LOL ranking system works.

Ranked is a competitive game mode pitting players in teams of five against each other. There are nine ranks in LOL with four divisions in each rank. The lowest rank is the Iron, and the highest rank in LOL is the Challenger. The ranks in order from lowest to highest are:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger

But you don’t have to start at the lowest rank. When you qualify for ranked LOL, the system will require you to play games in a placement to determine your initial rank. The more placement games you win, the higher the chances of starting as Silver or Gold.

You will have to play ten placement games, and you’ll see your provisional rank improve as you win the placement matches; this will give you a pretty good idea of where you will end up on the above ladder. What’s more, you will gain LPs when you win placement matches.

What does rank in LOL depend on?

LOL ranking depends on your LP, which is short for league points. You gain LPs when you win games in the ranked mode. But you’ll also lose points when you lose games. Accumulate points to move from one division to the next. The first player to win a total of 2 games in best-of-3 moves to the next division. The first player to win a total of 3 games in a best-of-5 promotion series graduates to the next rank.

You need at least 100LPs to compete in the promotion games. If you lose the promotion series, you have to accumulate 100LP and try again. You can even lose all LPs if you lose games continuously. Losing all points will get you demoted to a lower division!

The lowest 6 ranks have 4 divisions each; the highest 3 ranks have a single-tier each.

League points are determined based on a player’s matchmaking rating, aka MMR. Your MMR represents your skills, and it’s a hidden number, not the same as your actual ranking. The bigger your MMR, the bigger the points with each win and the lesser the points you lose in defeats.

How do I get my MMR to rise?

Do you want to know how to get a better ranking in LOL? Here’s what to do.

  • Win several games in a row
  • Avoid losing games after games.
  • Avoid going missing for long periods. Players in platinum rank lose LP when they become inactive for long.
  • Avoid quitting games before their resolution.

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Can you skip promotions?

Sometimes, if the system determines that you have a stellar win rate and are ranked below your true rank, it can allow you to skip promotions and climb the Riot ladder quickly to your true rank.

Can you leave a promotion match before it ends?

Leaving a match before it ends results in the loss of LPs, no matter your reason. Leaving games continuously can get you burned temporarily or forever.

What do you need to play ranked in LOL?

To play ranked, you must reach level 30 and own at least 16 different champions. That’s when you can activate the ranked mode, play placement games to get an initial rank and begin competing.’ However, some players choose to continue leveling after level 30 to accumulate more rewards.

Rewards for playing ranked

What are the benefits of the highest rank in LoL? The ranking is what the LOL system uses to pit players of similar skill levels against each other. Players receive ranked rewards at the end of the season. A season lasts about a year, but it’s split into three-month parts. Win games to gain points for each split and earn rewards such as:

  • Unique split icon
  • Split ranked armor upgrade.
  • Adjustable split Emote
  • Eternal capsule
  • Ranked profile icon and profile banner trim
  • Victorious Lucian and victorious skin, at the end of the season for those who achieve Gold or higher ranks

What is the demotion shield?

So, I told you that you could get demoted if you lose all points, and that’s true. But there’s a feature to prevent demotion just after a few unfortunate games in your new division. It is called the demotion shield. You’ll get it when you enter each new division. The bad news is that it expires just after a few games, so don’t lose 3 games in succession after moving a division or 10 games after climbing a rank.

Wrapping up

League of legends gets exciting once you reach level 30 and with at least 16 different championships. That means you can activate the ranked mode and compete against your equals for the fun of it and awesome rewards, of course. Just finish each season strong and grab honor rewards, clash rewards, or ranked rewards. Stay safe, have fun, and good luck!

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